3 Things Your Pediatric Dentist Wants You to Know


We know that as a parent you have a lot on your plate ( and since we’re dentists, we hope sticky treats aren’t on your plate, but we digress). Your child’s dental health is important, so we put together this list of three things we believe every parent needs to know.

1. Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit Early

Your child should start seeing the dentist about six months after you see the baby’s first tooth. That means most children should see the dentist by their first birthday.

2. Your Kid’s Dentist Should Be Trained to Treat Kids

As pediatric dentists, you may think we’re a bit biased when we tell you that your child should have a pediatric dentist instead of a general dentist. We are biased, but we’re also right. Pediatric dentists have spent two years in residency to study the oral health of children. General dentists don’t have this specialized training. That’s why we think picking a pediatric dentist is a no-brainer.

3. Make Sugary Drinks a No-No

We’ve noticed that most parents know that candy is bad for kids’ teeth. We want parents to add sugary drinks like soda and sugar-filled juice to the no-no list. These sweet liquids bathe your child’s teeth in sugar, which causes the dreaded c-word: cavities.

Is it time for your child to visit the dentist? Never fear, Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk & Nassau County is here. Our three offices are fun and filled with kid-friendly professionals. We have day, evening, and Saturday hours to accommodate your family’s schedule. Contact us today.

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